My first short story: Whispers (Part 2)

Last week, Kate told me that she will be on a field trip with her school on Friday. She has been very excited about it since two weeks ago. She’s visiting a farm on the outskirts and learning about certain plants and animals. So who is “Jimmy”?

Jimmy is a new boy who transferred to Kate’s school at the beginning of the school year. He is a smart and outgoing kid. Kate is glad to have a friend like Jimmy. Jimmy is also very interested in drawing and Kate seems to admire this boy. They’ve become good friends.

“I think I found my real friend, Jimmy”. Kate tells me with excitement.

“Yes, you made it. High five!”

Jane takes me to Jimmy’s room immediately. She has information on many children all over the earth. Jimmy lives in a lavish house occupying a room with lots of expensive toys in the city center. But he wasn’t in his room. We find a lot of things are not in the right order here. A black and white abstract painting is hung on the wall. A striped and crooked drawing line says on the canvas. Unexpectedly, black slimy streaks expand across the room with a rapid speed. Jane uses an escaping spell quickly to help us get away.

“Jimmy is definitely possessed by a devil spirit. Fortunately, I’ve discovered it which helped us to leave in time, otherwise, we would have been trapped,” Jane explains.

I’m very worried about Kate. I know she has power but she is not strong enough yet. The devil will do anything to take possession of her.

“Help me…Adriana”. I hear Kate’s thin voice echoes in my head.

“Listen to me, Kate! Let’s concentrate. Try to create an angelic symbol. I will send you a sign. I will find and rescue you. Be strong!”

The signal goes off. I hope that Kate can hear and receive the signal that I send.

I cannot stop praying. I remember Kate’s innocent smile. It is the sweetest smile that I have ever seen.

At the beginning, the few Nephilim were only considered as mistakes and they were sent away to the earth. Later, Satan explored the value of the Nephilim. As Nephilim is half human and half angel, their power is extraordinary. Nephilim can overthrow the angels and influence human’s mind easily. Thus, more and more fallen angels were enlisted in the mission of producing an army of Nephilim. Satan promises them that they will be granted a territory part of the new world and have more controls in the future.

The first Nephilim who follows darkness created chaos between the different worlds. She is known with the nickname “the golden mind” and is considered as the right hand of Satan. She is famous for her cruelty and her supreme power. She can manipulate human minds easily and recruit new powerful children, especially the young Nephilim. She also has been helping Satan to collect more souls and to kill angels.

Silence can be terrifying. It evokes the deepest fear.

Kate sits at the corner of the dark room. She cannot use her power. She is used to opening the door in her room easily by using her mind. She feels helpless and freighted this moment. The house is enchanted by evil spirits. Closing her eyes, she sees herself in another world which fills up with flames and gray smokes. Evil spirits keep whispering “Join us, Kate.” The shadow encircles and pulls her into the center of darkness.

This moment reminds me of the tragic accident of Sarah. I don’t want anything bad happens to Kate.

“It wasn’t your fault, Adriana. We will recuse Kate together” Janes encourages me.

“You don’t have to blame yourself for the death of Sarah”. Janes whispers to me.

I look at Jane surprisingly.

Janes explains that Sarah, in fact, felt into the devil’s trap and her soul was taken away.

“We’ve been watching and following you, Adrianna. You’re special. You’ll manage to take care of Kate well”.

Kate concentrates on keeping her mind clear. She opens her eyes. She remembers how I always make her different hairstyles. A great idea comes to her mind. She uses her hair to knit an angelic symbol, while her hands are trembling. She must finish the symbol as soon as possible to get out of here. She is very determined.

Finally, I can sense and locate Kate. She is being captured under the basement of a small house in the outskirts.

There are abandoned and broken down houses on the street. They are covered in darkness. There is only gloomy moonlight shines at night. The wind starts to blows stronger. There are creepy sounds of the shaking trees. The ravens fly over the houses. The presence of evil spirits here is vigorous.

A powerful child will be kept in a dark room, which is guarded by evil spirits. Evil spirits will mess with the child’s mind by evil whispers. They will encourage her or him to follow darkness. It can take a couple of days until the child is exhausted and cannot resist. Later, the devil will appear to obtain the power of the child through a dark ceremony.

Outside the house, Jimmy is standing straight with a soulless face and solid black eyes. He doesn’t say a word. The dark spirits spread out from the two floors wooden house and start to attack Jane.

“Go find Kate. Let me deal with the darkness.” Jane looks at me and screams.

I rush into the creepy wooden house. The floor creaks every time I walk. Inside the house, full of spider’s webs and dust are all over the objects. On the left, there is a way that leads to the basement. Walking along until the end of the way, I see a door. When I touch it, it burns my hand. This door is enchanted with a dark spell by the devil.

I open the locked door with an angel spell. In the dim room, Kate sits at the corner and shivers. She can barely open her eyes.

“Hey my little girl, I’m right here”. I carry her up.

As the cold air flows into the basement, Jimmy shows up at the stairs and pushes me away from Kate. He uses evil power to tighten my neck. I feel the pressure as it is hard for me to breath. I’m paralyzed.

I see Jimmy puts out a sharp knife from his jacket. The short knife is carved by demonic characters and languages. Jimmy cuts his wrist and lets his blood runs down to the top of the knife. He mumbles something. Then he takes Kate’s hand and tends to cut her with the knife. I have seen it in the book of angels. Evils use the dark knife to transfer demonic soul direct through the bloodlines of their exhausted victims.

“She will belong to us. Nothing will be able to stop us”. Jimmy laughs widely.

I try my best to reach Kate and cover her up by my natural instinct. Jimmy’s knife cuts into my flesh. From a small incision, it begins to spread and causes me a horrible pain. Nevertheless, I hug Kate tightly. I know from this moment that I would sacrifice myself to protect Kate. She just means everything to me.

Jimmy moves slowly forward to us with the knife in his hand and he keeps repeating a phrase frantically:

“There is no way out. There is no way out. There is no way out…”

The phrase disturbs my mind and I feel dizzy. I use my last strength to hold up. Without hesitation, I start to draw an angel line with my own blood for protection. I feel like I have no pain at all. Maybe because protecting Kate is my top priority now. I will fight to protect Kate with all my strength and until my last breath.

“Stay away from us, devil!” I scream and speak out loud an angel spell.

The bloodline starts to glow and Jimmy has to step back.

A loud echo rises. I see the white magical light of hope.

Jane appears with a halo. The dark basement is brightened. Janes uses her power to stop Jimmy from hurting us. Jimmy collapses and falls to the ground unconsciously.

“It’s safe now. You did a good job, Adrianna!”

Jane puts a pill into Kate’s mouth. She says it helps Kate to stay stable and recover. Next, she heals my injuries with her power. I feel a strong energy passed through my body as Janes touches me. My wound heals so fast as if nothing serious had happened. I regain my strength only in a quick time.

Jane and I take Kate back to her room. Her face looks much better now and he doesn’t sweat anymore. I lay her down on the bed gently. Holding Kate’s hand, my eyes tear up. I stay and watch her sleep for a couple of minutes.

“Sleep well, Kate”. I whisper to Kate’s ears.

Later, her adoptive mother finds her sleeping in the room. Kate’s adoptive parents were worried sick and reported to the police about their missing daughter a few hours ago.

Jimmy returns back to being a normal boy. He was used by the devil spirit to lure Kate to the evil’s trap. Jane banishes the evil spirit out of his body. He doesn’t remember anything about the incident. He only remembers that he was on a field trip with the school at the farm. Then he and Kate somehow went missing.

Kate remembers what happened vividly. Sometimes she still has nightmares about the terrible night.

“Don’t be afraid”. I whisper to relieve her anxiety.


I go to bed, about to sleep as usual. Looking through the window, the little stars are shining like diamonds in the sky. The night is quiet. My curtain gently blows in the breeze of a spring night. The enchanted and sweet scent of lilacs is around me. I hear Kate’s voice.

“Are you still awake, Adriana? Can you tell me a fairy tale?” Kate insists.
“You have to promise me that you will sleep right after it.”
“I promise!”
“Alright! Once upon a time, an angel…”


The devils will never give up. They will come up with new wicked plans.

They will whisper in your ears and mess with your mind.

Don’t listen to those evil whispers!

We have to be well-prepared and ready to fight back.

The battle between good and evil is constantly going on. Stay alert!



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