My first short story: Whispers (Part 1)

I attended the Fiction Workshop of Professor Emily Mitchell (a guest professor from University of Maryland) in summer semester 2017 and wrote my first short story “Whispers”. My inspirations come from the TV series  “Supernatural” and the greatest city in the world “New York”. I have never written a short story before so I’m proud of my first creation. Feel free to give me constructive feedbacks because I would like to improve my story.


The last thing I remember was crossing the road. A blue car, out of control, had driven straight into me. Everything happened so quickly. My eyes blurred. Then I saw myself lying on the street unconscious. The lousy noise and strange faces surrounded me. My body was taken to an ambulance.

“Did I leave this world?” I wonder.

Maybe this is the end of me. Maybe I deserve it.

Last summer, I made an unforgivable mistake of my life which haunted me all the time. I helped at a children summer camp at that time but I couldn’t accomplish my duty. A young girl, named Sarah, went missing and her body was found near a lake by the mountain. She slipped and fell down while walking through a rocky path. Her head hit the ground and her brain was damaged badly. The police said Sarah probably wandered further outside the camping place. I saw her left the tent but I was so tired on that day.

“I’m going to the bathroom. It would take only a few minutes” Sarah told me.

Therefore, I just went to sleep and naively thought that she would be back in a short time. It turned out I was so wrong. I should have followed Sarah to ensure her safety. Taking care of children is not easy. They are fickle, sensitive and full of curiosities.

Maybe it is the day that I must pay the price for my irresponsible action.

A green-eyed woman with an angelic face appears. She has long blond hair and wears a gorgeous white dress. She approaches me and says:

“Everything will be okay. Your time has come, Adriana.”

I’m awake. When I open my eyes, I see my mother. She hugs me tightly and kisses me lightly on the forehead. I think I reached the boundary between life and death. A mysterious power had pulled me back to life. I was given a second chance.

Doctors assumed that I would not be able to survive the accident. They suppose it is a miracle that I’m awake and even believe that I will recover quickly. No one can understand that.

After a week in the hospital, I am allowed to return home. I’m still not able to get back to my usual sleeping routine. I sleep very badly these days. When I wake up, I hear different voices from somewhere. It confuses me. The symbolic images intertwist in my mind. They come to my mind naturally. I feel a strong connection to an unexplainable mystery.

Tonight, I’m awake by the whispering echoes. They become clearer than ever. I can’t stop them no matter how hard I try. I go to the bathroom to wash my face and to keep my mind clear. Looking at myself in the mirror, it starts to move. A swirling black and gray mass appear. It whirls inside with glinting flashes of bright lights. I am sucked into it.

I’m at another place. There are white clouds floating around me. I find peace here. I can hear the birds chirping, listen to pleasing music and pretty flowers are blossoming. I’m not sure if I’m in a dream or I’m just hallucinating. The beautiful woman in the white dress shows up again.

“Hi Adriana, I’m Jane, the manager of the guardian angels and angels on earth. Congratulations! You have been chosen to be one of the guardian assistants” She says.

“What do you mean?” I have no clue. I ask her with a surprised face.
“The guardian assistants are human beings who help us with protecting the children with special powers. I will guide and assign tasks to you directly. We chose you because of your kindness and we believe you will be an amazing assistant.” Jane explains.

Jane is the “Archangel” who supervises the angels and the guardian assistants upon the earth. She gives me a tour around the garden of guardian angels. There are plenty of crystal green lakes here. As Jane touches the lake, images of different children from many places are showed. When Jane slides her finger, the images change. There is an adorable girl who is about seven or eight years old. She has hazel eyes and long hair up to the shoulder. She is drawing attentively in her room.

“Your job is to take care and protect a girl named Kate.” Jane says.

Kate’s father is a “fallen angel” that was cast out of heaven because of his rebellion. He then had relations with a human woman and Kate was born on earth. It is known that her mother died tragically when giving birth. Her father’s identity is unknown. Most of the angels believe that he is imprisoned somewhere. This type of information is highly classified.

Kate is one of the Nephilim, whom is believed to possess great power. At a young age, she was able to lift small objects with her mind. As her power grows gradually, she needs to learn how to control it. This power can be good or dangerous depending on how she is raised. In particular, she must have a good orientation and guidance. Otherwise, she will be lost in darkness. It is the reason why Kate has to stay under the supervision of guardian angels

This whole new world overwhelms me. I’m only a normal college student. These supernatural forces are far beyond my imagination. I shake my head and say in panic.

“It makes no sense. I want to live my life. Leave me out of this.”

“Please reconsider it. We need your help urgently. Both of our worlds are in danger. Let me show you.” Jane reassures me.

There are devils out there and they have been trying to possess powerful children under the direction of Satan, the king of hell. For a long time, Satan has the ambition of invading the heaven and the human’s world. The young Nephilim is the main target because they are vulnerable. When the heart of the Nephilim becomes darkened, the devil will gather more power and take over the earth step by step. Consequently, guardian angels and angels will not be able to fight them anymore.

“Our world will possibly end with the domination of Satan, Adriana.”

Janes take my hands and we jump into a lake which creates an artificial world of future. It was made to remind the angels about the potential threat and to prepare plans to prevent the end of the peaceful earth. At this time, human beings and angels need to cooperate with each other to protect the earth.

A terrifying scene appears before my eyes. The gray sky is full of dusty smokes. There is no sun and light. The evils take control of the human soul completely and turn people into spiritless minds. The rivers turned into red and become poisonous. Animal corpses lay and smell stinky. No sign of life can be found here.

Seeing it breaks my heart. I’m aware of how important my mission is now. I only need time to process everything.

“Take your time. If you accept the job, you can just call out my name and think of me.” Janes talks to me gently.

Back to home, I look up for books about the angels and devils. Stories about these supernatural forces intrigue me and I can keep reading for days. Moreover, I can picture Kate in my mind because she reminds me of the young girl Sarah. I start to believe gradually that Kate is the reason for me to redeem my mistake. I have to do something meaningful with my second chance in life.

“I’ll be an angel’s assistant! How can I start?” I talk to Janes with determination.

As Kate’s is half human, the angels need human’s help in nurturing her. Angels and human have to cooperate together in the fights against Satan and fallen angels. Being an angel’s assistant is an honorable job but also full of responsibilities.

Kate was adopted by a wealthy family in New York from birth. Her adoptive parents were both business people in the real estate and banking field so they do not have much free time. I submitted a proper job application for the babysitter position at Kate’s family. My profile states that I have experience with taking care of children. I have been to Africa, teaching English to the children in a volunteer program and I also attended a few social activities. As I am fine arts student and that is a plus.

“I hope you can spend some nice time with my little girl. She loves drawing. Please inspire and nurture her passion”. Kate’s adoptive mother smiles.

There have always been guardian angels protecting Kate since she was born. When Kate was 4 years old, she was aware of her powers. She was very frightened of it at first. It took the previous guardian angel a long time to calm her down.

“Hello Kate, I’m Adriana. Nice to meet you”

“Nice to meet you too”.  She replies with a cute voice.

Kate looks me in the eyes. We are like exchanging our thoughts. We are connected. I use my finger to paint an angelic symbol on the palm of her right hand. A mysterious bright light glows. This way, Kate can easily contact me even when she’s far away. I can also hear her voice better.

I became Kate’s babysitter. I usually meet her three times a week. We like to visit the museums, paint outdoors or taking walks at the park. Kate usually tells me stories about her school. She attends a prestigious private school in New York City. However, she doesn’t enjoy her school life that much.

“I think my classmates don’t like me”.

“Why do you think so? You are lovely and you can draw nice pictures.”

“I just can’t find a real friend”.

“Don’t think that. I believe you will have one really soon.”

Every week, I will meet up with different guardian angels and report my work to Jane. Through the mirror in my bathroom, the secret passage to the meeting room will be opened. I can just touch the mirror, say the angel spell and a portal will appear. I have been studying the language and spells of angels very hard lately at the library of angels. Here I can access many precious books and documents which have been passing on from generation to generation. The battle between the gods and demons has been happening for ages since the earth was created. They are also the cause of many different disastrous battles in human history. I discover how scary Satan and the devils can be. They usually take advantage of young minds and inject evil thoughts inside. Hopefully, I will soon master the knowledge of supernatural forces and can protect Kate better.


I feel the fear of Kate and see her. She is trembling and sweating. She is in a dusty room that is covered by darkness. There is barely any fresh air to breathe.

“What happened to you? Where are you?” I ask anxiously.
“Jimm…y” Kate says with an unclear voice and she breathes spasmodically.

I cannot hear anything anymore. Our signal is disconnected by horrible distorted sounds. Kate completely disappears. I try to contact Jane because it is impossible to locate Kate’s position. Unfortunately, Jane also cannot find where Kate is. She guesses that the evil spirits have blocked our vision. Kate must be held captive in evil’s trap, which is impossible for the angels to identify. We are really worried. Jane sends more guardian angels out there to search for Kate.

(to be continued)


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