How to adjust to life in another country

  1. Learn the languages


–   English is a global language. It helps you to communicate with English speakers around the world and very convenient for traveling.

–    However, if you are going to a foreign land for a long time, which not an English-speaking country. You should learn the local language. The more the better.

It will help you to overcome paper works with authority, integrate with local people easily or even finds a part time job.


For instance: I studied German about 5 months in Vietnam and passed the B1 exams. When I arrived Germany, I could not understand much but it was helpful. I can read the signs, handle basic conversation and certain situations.


  1. Get to know local people and make friends

–    It is the best to know some local friends. At the beginning, you can search them through pen pal websites or app. Later, you can easily find friends in your classes at the university or in the workplace.

–    You can also able to find people who are on the same boats with you. There are people, who also live aboard just like you and sympathize with you. Make friends with international students: you can experience new cultures and learn many new things.


For example: I keep contact with Vietnamese students at the University of Tuebingen and Vietnamese community here. We share our experiences, cook traditional food and celebrate events together.


  1. Learn the culture and follow it.

–   When in Rome, do as the Romans do. When visiting a foreign country, you should follow the customs of those who live in it. You can read about foreign customs on the Internet, watch Youtube videos, or ask your local friends.


– For instance about table manner. Eating with your mouth open and making sounds is an Asian culture thing to show respect for an enjoyment of food. This is unacceptable and rude in western society.

– In Asia, when someone sneezes we usually say nothing at all. In Western countries, you say “Bless you” in English and “Gesundheit” in German. At the beginning, I feel weird though but then I get used to with it.

  1. Deal with culture shock:

– I’m sure that there are moments that you feel disappointed, depressed in a foreign country because of the culture shock.

– We expect something happens like we used to know, or we prepared a little about it. In reality, things are different.

For example: You go to another country, you are excited to make friends. However, it is not easy.


  1. Overcome homesickness

–    Homesickness happens. There are many factors that make you feel homesick. It can be your favorite food, family atmosphere or your mother tongue.


For example, you will definitely miss the taste of the food, which you used to eat. You should learn how to cook them by following recipes or watching videos on YouTube.


–   Spend time with your foreign friends. You will learn more about their culture and have a good time.

– Find a hobby or challenge yourself with new activities:

Besides your study, you should also do something else. If you play sports, join sports club at your university. Don’t mind to try new kind of sports, new dance, new activities. If your dream is learning ballet, go for it.

It will keep you busy, develop your potential ability and integrate easier.

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Wie man sich an das Leben in einem anderen Land anpasst.

Wie man sich an das Leben in einem anderen Land anpasst.

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